Ride Safety

Ride safety is paramount in any group and it is the responsibility of ALL riders. Please take a moment to refresh yourself with our Safe Riding Rules below.

New members

  • We have a lot of new members, so firstly, welcome! Please be sure to make yourself known to the ride captain at the start of each ride.

  • We encourage you to come along to Tuesday rides first to build your confidence before rolling out with a pack on Saturday rides.

  • Alternatively Taso’s fortnightly Sunday newbie sessions are a great way to build group riding skills.

  • Any questions, please contact Karl Dittko the Club President on pres@bratclub.com.au


  • The speed leaving the park should be a controlled, cruisey pace until after the airport tunnel. Use this as a warm up. The front riders are responsible for controlling the pace that is suitable for the whole group.  There will be opportunities on the return trip for your hit out – please be patient.

  • If you do not feel safe riding on Southern Cross Drive or the airport tunnel there is an option to meet the group after the tunnel in Brighton-Le-Sands.  Please contact someone or book through the website for this option so that the group knows to look out for you.  

  • All riders should stay shoulder to shoulder and never half wheel/overlap other riders. Please ensure a safe distance between you and the rider in front.  It is NEVER okay to pass anyone on the left.  

  • By the same token, you need to be able to ride sufficiently close to each other so as not to stretch out the pack. Please be honest with your current fitness and seed yourself into the correct riding group.


  • Ensure all calls are passed up/down the pack loud and clear. Use your outside voice folks!

  • If you need to slow down use “Slowing” and if you have time indicate with a downward wave.

  • After the weather there are a lot more pot holes, please ensure you call and point these out.  Typical calls include “hole middle, hole left, hole right”

  • Front riders - please signal early when a lane change if required by raising your hand. “Single file” is to be used when you cannot move over.

  • “Over” is to be made by the rear riders only when it is safe for the entire pack to do so.  “Wait” is used if there are cars in the way. Calls to change lanes MUST NOT be made from the front or middle of the pack.

  • There should be no surging off the lights and if someone falls back, please use “Ease Up” to ensure no one is dropped from the pack.

  • If you see traffic lights change to orange/red call out “Lights” so the pack is made aware.  Similarly if you are on the front and the lights change to orange, it is up to you to ensure group safety by either calling “Stopping” or “Rolling” (through the lights).

  • "Rolling" is also used to move riders off the front of the pack. Known as a chain roll, the the front left rider rolls off the front, allowing the front right rider to move into the front left position and the second right rider to move to the front right. Each subsequent rider moves up a position to take the previous riders pace.

Group Protocol

  • While we allow TT bikes to be ridden during pack rides, we ask that you NEVER go down on your bars. It's just not safe.

  • If the group needs to pull over for any reason, make sure it's done safely, off the road and away from traffic. If someone happens to puncture then the group MUST stop and wait until that person can safely repair the puncture and rejoin the group. It's a pain but one day it will be you and you'll be grateful that people waited and you didn't have to ride home alone.

  • No photos while moving. There will be plenty of time for group photos and selfies while stopped, so please keep your phone away while moving.  

  • Please remember to wear BRAT kit.  We will have an order window every month going forward so there is now no excuse!

  • It is recommended to always carry appropriate identification and swap numbers with someone else on the ride.

BRAT Committee